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The following exotic animals are available to hunt year round.

The Axis Deer, also called the Indian Deer, Spotted Deer, and the Chital Deer, is native to India and Sri Lanka. According to observers this deer is one of the most beautiful deer in the world... more info

Blackbuck Antelope 

The blackbuck antelope (Antelope cervicapra, L.) is one of the most popular exotic animals in Texas. Since introduction in Kerr County in 1932, the blackbuck has multiplied to nearly 19,000 on ranches throughout the state. Nevertheless, most still inhabit... more info

Red Deer "Stag" 

Red deer
are dark red or brown with a lighter color of cream on the underbelly, inner thighs and rump. There may also be some spots on the summer coats, particularly along the spine. In winter, the pelage changes to a darker brown or grey, with... more info


A medium sized, "rangy" deer; adult males with large palmate antlers. Bucks develop "spike" antlers beginning in their first year and until 3-4 years old, grow and cast only antlers comprised of beams and simple points. At 3-4 years of age males may develop... more info

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